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Dynamite 1 is a minor role on the film Hairspray. She is a member of the three-woman singing group The Dynamites. Her real name is unknown. She is sometime considered as the main singer of the group. She is friends with Dynamite 2, Dynamite 3, Motormouth Maybelle and Corny Collins and enemies with Velma Von Tussle. She is portrayed by Shayna Steele.


Dynamite 1 has a minor role in the film.

She is first seen when she performs the song 'The New Girl in Town' with the rest of her group on Negro Day. She appears to be very talented. When she finishes performing the camera goes of and Motormouth Maybelle tells her they did great. She next appears performing 'Welcome to the '60s' with the rest of her group.


Solos in a Group NumberEdit

  • The New Girl in Town - with Dynamite 2, Dynamite 3, Amber Von Tussle, Shelly and Tammy
  • Welcome to the '60s - with Dynamite 2, Dynamite 3, Tracy Turnblad and Edna Turnblad

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